Home Sweet home ? or ?
To be honest, both of us felt a bit sad when we got closer to home.
Behing on road for last 27days and away for 40 days across continent, you get use to that life style. We wanted to continue without stopping and wonder about where we gonna wake up next morning.
Even when we came back to Toronto. We went straight to coffee shop to have our first real coffee after weeks. in fact we were just making our way more more longer and longer delaying our arrival.
After this kind of journey. It took awhile for us to get back to routine. We were so glad and happy that we cam back safe, and we still cant believe we actually did this trip. This was a lifetime experience with my wife (Sena) and myself (Emrah). which we will not forget for a long time, and will inspire our future trip plans.
One of my friend said : if you are still married whne you are back, you are lucky man !! which so true for myself and Sena. our experience on road, change lot of things in our life.
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