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This is the machine i saw back in 2016 Across Canada Trip (AKA Pacific Rim) I bought it this year. It travelled from Rossport, ON, Canada to Los Angeles, CA
I've put together a setup to ride this machine to surf locations. 9'4 longboard is mounted and secured to sidecar. I only needed to take off the windshield to make a good mounting setup and retro fitted the soft roof mount on the side car.
Surfboard is secured with roof mount straps along with  rog straps connected to frame.
In the beginning i carry the board without a protective bag but it was creating lot of mess due to melting wax after each surfing session.
After getting a proper bag for the longboard, it fitted with a better protection and more solid attachment points and clean....
Cosmetically did minor changes and little touches. Specially got rid of windjammer and wixom bag setup. Engine is overhauled from ground up. It was not running when i received it. But 35K km was nothing for these machines. 
it took about a month to build it and get it going. Still needs some extra stuff but im waiting for winter, but in SOCal it never comes so its gonna take awhile for me to make those extra stuff....
This is the machine which i took this picture back in 2016. I met with Ned and Shelagh which they own the Rossport Inn Cabins . We stayed there couple of nights we had great time with them they have a great place and most welcoming and warmest people...
After almost 5 years i got in touch with him to ask if the bike is still available, and he told me it was and here we are :)
simple strap setup.
6am - Hermosa Beach
Firewire TJ Everyday 
Im still a beginner but this board worked out great for me.
still long way to go. 
 But hey its all about fun, spending time in ocean with friends is something that i love we all enjoy !!

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